Simulate. Iterate. Maximize.

Let bots Model your business with Gradient J
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what we do

Three steps to join the AI Revolution

Simulation Design

We help you turn turn your complex business world into a compact game representation for fast simulation.

Custom AI Strategy

Have computer and human trained bots compete in your simulated environment and develop new strategies to win.

Learn and Win

Analyze computer generated strategies to see how they can apply to the real world. Dominate the competition.


How simulation can help you


Simulate the competitive game of your business and discover new strategies for outsmarting your competition. Study the world the way an economist does. Test hypotheses in a cheap, controlled way.

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Introducing a new card to your game? Worried about breaking the meta? Looking to freshen up the game? Simulate the change to see how bots exploit new features before you deploy them.

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Open up your anonymized simulation environment to the world and tap into the collective intelligence of the internet. Allow other users to compete and then analyze and reward the top stategists.

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